Before we began attending ELC this last year, we were honestly struggling in every area of our lives.  My marriage of 20 years was struggling, finances a mess, the stress of fighting for our home, anger issues, communication issues, 3 teenagers!  We were falling apart individually and as a family.  We knew we were in trouble, but we thought WE could fix it.  I hadn't realized just how far we had pushed away from God.  I mean in our minds we tried to live right, went to church a couple times a month and we paid tithe when we went, but that is where it ended really.  I loved listening to worship songs and prayed everyday but we were not fully trusting God, depending on God, loving God, living for God, worshiping God.  These months later we still struggle with somethings, but we now understand that we are not alone and that WE can not fix it on our own!  God is doing a much better job of fixing these issues then I was.

I know with all of my heart that God has brought us to this church for a reason.  We knew it when we walked through the door that we are where we are supposed to be!   Pastors Jerry and Toni and the whole ELC family have been such a blessing to my family. They have prayed with us, counseled us, and have guided us. While life is not perfect, we have seen so many positive changes in our home and our lives!  There is a peace now through our struggles that I cant explain except through the grace of God and the church family we have been blessed with.  I am so excited more each day about learning more about Gods love for me, the peace that only He can give me and that I can & need to trust Him more with everything! 
 -Natalie Scott-

I prayed for the Lord to lead me to a church. I prayed for 4 things, first it had to be a spirit-filled church, 2nd. it had to have a pastor that had a shephard's heart, third it had to be close to me (I wanted something close to my neighborhood) and fourth, I wanted God to write it on the wall.  I wanted to know without a shadow of doubt that this is where he was leading me to.  I prayed that on the Dec. 31, 2008, Jan. 3, 2009 I came from work and saw a message on my answering machine. I pushed the button and the message was that there was a new church starting Feb. 22, and to call back this number for more info.  Needlessly to say, I drop all my mail and briefcase on the floor. I got goose bumps. My Father heard me and answered my prayer, in three days no less. Praise God! So if you are looking for a church where you can grow in Christ, ELC is the church.  We are a praying and fasting church, our pastors are full of love, they train us to fight the enemy.  We are well equipment with the armor of God and we know how to use it because Pastor Jerry and Pastor Toni are our mentors. 

Thank You Father God for sending them to us!!!!
 -Debbie Reynolds-

My Mother and I both had the same desire of finding a local church where we could feel like we are part of a "family", Gods Family.A place where we could be involved and actually know our pastors. Our prayers were answered. It has been a true blessing to be a part of Gods family at "E.L.C" and see the Holy Spirits powerful movement here. My 3 year old daughter "Dallas" got filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues shortly after becoming a member here, which is a sign and an answer to my prayers. I am a True worshiper of God and I am not afraid to look outrageous for my savior. I am thankful my Pastors encourage True Worship and intimacy with The Father, as that is This Church's Heart also. Thank You Pastor Jerry & Toni for having the heart of "The Father" for your sheep. We Love you.
-April and Christina Davis-

I just want to share what can happen when you asked God to answer your prayer and you pray it thru.  My journey started a year an half ago.  I just started my business and I was trying to get a certification thru a Women Owned Business.  The procedure is very trying.  The first time I tried, It was for my DBE and was turned down.  So I waited and prayed and ask God if He wanted me to try for the WBE certification that He would have to show me.  So last August, Pastor Jerry was teaching on asking God to show you signs and to ask God to favor you.  He said to write out 4 things you wanted God to do.  One of mine was for God to show me favor and to send the right people to help me get my certification.  Needless to say, every step I took, there was a person to help me.  It first started with Regina from our church who did my Corp. I.D. He then  sent my bank lady who helped me with me with my Operating Agreement which would of cost me well over a thousand dollars.  She then helped me to find my business manager, my business helped me fine, a bookkeeper, my bookkeeper helped me to fine someone to print my business cards, it just went on and on.  I have Vendors calling me and wanting me to sell their products, it's just  awesome. The word of God says: Psalms 5:11 "But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name Be joyful in You." Psalms 5:12 "For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield. "  When it came time for my home visit at my office.  The Lord sent me a Christian lady who reported back to her superiors.  I know the Lord gave me favor thru her.  So on Friday- March 25, 2011 I received an email saying that I was certified.  Now the big journal starts and I can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use me in my business. God met my needs every step of the way and I poured my heart to Him, Pastor Jerry and Pastor Toni and others in the church continually prayed for me in this matter.  By Saturday morning, it hit me hard and I broke down in tears and praise Him for doing this for me.  It was just an awesome experience, I learned so much, and I knew that My God is big enough to help me with anything that I go

to Him with. Praise His Holy Name!!!

–Debbie R.–

A few years ago my family and I moved to the Las Vegas area. We have been Christians for a while and we knew that we needed to find a church home. Considering the fact that I was out of town for work, that task fell on my wife. Each time that I came home she would tell me about a church that she found and we visited several but they just were not what we were looking for. We had been members of a church in Florida that fit us well and I, for one, always compared every other church to that one. Once when I returned home, my wife told me about a church that she found on the internet and she insisted that we visit. She told me what she had read about its pastor and she felt that this might be what we had been looking for.
When we visited Empowered Life Church the atmosphere was different than any other church that I had ever attended. I had seen spirit filled churches before but this one was more. Pastor Jerry Campers II was larger than life and his love of God was evident. He welcomed us as if we were long-time friends. I tend to be a little skeptical when things seem too-good-to-be-true so I decided that I should visit this church a few more times to “see if it was real”. I prayed to God for guidance and He assured me that the love and good will that I felt from Pastor Jerry and the leadership at Empowered Life Church were genuine. I prayed to God, asking if this was the church home that I had been looking for and His answer came as a bit of a surprise. Faith is a funny thing in that many of us think we have true faith but when it is tested we fail miserably. God knew that my faith needed to be strengthened before I could be effective. His answer to me was that I should attend Empowered Life Church but wait on becoming a member. As I continued to attend I saw the spirit of God move among the congregation and I witnessed Pastor Jerry prophesy over members and visitors. When the members of ELC prayed, things happened. With every encounter my faith grew stronger. Eventually I came to understand that God speaks through Pastor Jerry and does works through ELC. As I like to say, “Pastor Jerry has a direct line to God.” I also came to know that this man truly loves every member of his flock. Finally, the time had come to become members and my family and I wasted no time. Even our teenage daughter “knew” that it was time for her to be baptized into Christ. We became a part of a spiritual family and our lives began to change for the better. We were blessed with friends, finances, job promotion, and after my faith had been sufficiently bolstered, a medical miracle. You see, God knew that in order for me to get through my diabetes “scare” I needed more faith than I had before Empowered Life. He knew that I needed a spiritual brother and leader like Pastor Jerry and He knew that I needed the support of my family and those in the congregation who have become my friends. Through this encounter my faith has become even stronger. Pastor Jerry’s story of great faith that led him and his family to leave the lives that they had built in Texas and move to Las Vegas to serve God. He serves as a beacon leading his congregation to salvation in heaven and success on earth.  He speaks truth and love. As Pastor Jerry like to say, “ELC is KIR (Keeping it Real).”
We're living an EMPOWERED LIFE!